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Practice Areas

We assist and represent our clients throughout criminal proceedings:



-  Providing counsel during police questioning;

-  Being present during searches and seizures;

- Providing legal assistance during hearings and cross-examinations conducted by investigating judges;

-  Arguing before Liberty and Custody judges and Investigation Chambers

-  Filing requests for documents, nullification requests, as well as motions for dismissal;

-  Providing legal aid in Criminal Court and in Assize Court: we prepare hearings, file observations, call witnesses, conduct examinations on the stand, and plead in court);

-  Following up each individual case during sentence enforcement;

-  In conjunction with our fellow lawyers at the Conseil d’Etat and the Court of Cassation, we also oversee cases submitted to the Court of Cassation.



Our law firm has been involved in a number of emblematic high-profile criminal cases such as those involving Omar Raddad, Bertrand Cantat, Maurice Agnelet, Yann Lorence, Saïd Bourarach, and Pastor-Darwich.



In the pre-trial phase, we meticulously analyze each case and prepare our clients for hearings with the utmost care. We are also extremely vigilant when it comes to making sure that procedural rules are followed to the letter as well as in the drafting of legal documents - memos, requests, and motions - with a view to thoroughness and forcefulness.



Given the growing trend towards the internationalization of criminal law and criminal proceedings, and in order to defend our clients’ best interests, we refer as often as is necessary to relevant European laws - ECHR, European Community Directives - and international laws.



Our firm has also adapted to the new French QPC, which is a posteriori constitutional review.  We examine whether the legal provisions underlying the charges of each given case are in conformity with the French Constitution.



We provide legal assistance throughout the proceedings to victims who want to join a criminal trial as civil parties, and we also intervene before the Compensation Board for the Victims of Crimes (CIVI).

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