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Our firm is listed as one of the top firms in high-level litigation, in particular regarding white-collar criminal defense, business law, media and entertainment law, as well as press freedom.











































2020 “TROPHEES DU DROIT”  2020


Our firm was awarded the “Trophée d’argent” (Silver Trophy) in corporate criminal law.




In corporate criminal law, our firm’s partner Thierry Marembert was named in the “Key Players” category. 

In banking, finance, and equity litigation, our firm was named in the “High-Profile” category. 


“LES ECHOS” March 8, 2019


2019 Chambers Rankings: and the awards for best lawyers go to…

White-collar crime 

“In this particular category of business litigation, the reference guide also prefers well-known figures.  Georges Kiejman (Kiejman & Marembert) remains the undisputed star, while topflight attorneys Hervé Témime (Témime), Jean Veil (Veil Jourde), Jean-Yves Leborgne (Jean-Yves Leborgne), Thierry Marembert (Kiejman & Marembert) et Daniel Soulez-Larivière (Soulez Larivière & Associés) share Band 1.”






International White Collar Crime Law Firm of the year in France





France, Dispute Resolution : White collar crime

Thierry MAREMBERT: Band 1

Sources say Thierry Marembert of Kiejman & Marembert is « superbly smart ans thinks outside of the box ». He is well versed in white-collar crime proceedings, including corruption, tax fraud, insider training and money Laundering ».

Georges KIEJMAN : Senior Statesmen

Georges Kiejman of Kiejman & Marembert is viewed as an « immense lawyer » in the white-collar crime space due to his long-standing experience in the market. He is also experienced in civil disputes.



France, Dispute Resolution : White collar crime

Thierry MAREMBERT: Band 1

Georges KIEJMAN : Senior Statesmen



France, Dispute Resolution : White collar crime

Georges KIEJMAN, Thierry MAREMBERT: Band 1



Année 2016


En matière de Contentieux et d’Arbitrage, le cabinet a été nommé dans la catégorie « Excellent ».


2015 Edition


In the areas of Film and Press Freedom, our firm and its two partners were ranked :  
A vital player — Group 1.


In the area of Audiovisual law, we were ranked  « Excellent – groupe 1 ».





France, Dispute Resolution : White collar crime

Georges KIEJMAN, Thierry MAREMBERT: Band 1


“Georges Kiejman of Kiejman & Marembert remains a leading name for advisory work in white-collar crime-related matters.

Sources highlight Thierry Marembert of Kiejman & Marembert for his knowledge in the field of white-collar crime and his pleasant manner to work with.”





France, Dispute Resolution : White collar crime

Georges KIEJMAN, Thierry MAREMBERT: Band 1


« Georges Kiejman is a leading name for advisory work in all white-collar crime-related matters. Thierry Marembert is a leading name in the field of white-collar crime.».





Our firm was awarded the  “Silver Award” in the categories of Media and Copyright law.





Georges KIEJMAN: Band 2 litigation

Thierry MAREMBERT: Band 1 contentieux litigation


“Litigator Georges Kiejman of Kiejman & Marembert remains a major name for criminal cases, and peers note his high-profile presence.

Thierry Marembert of Kiejman & Marembert has a great reputation both in France and further afield. He handles civil and criminal cases, covering white-collar crime, IP, media and international business law.”




2013/2014 Issue


In the category of white-collar criminal defense, our firm and its two partners were ranked « Excellent – group 1 ».


In the category of Film and Press Freedom, our firm and its two partners were ranked « A Vital player  – group 1 ».


In the category of Audiovisual law, we were ranked « Excellent – group 1 ».



THE LEGAL 500 2013/2014 Edition


LEGAL 500 recommends our firm for white-collar defense.





Our firm was awarded the prize for « Excellence in Legal Practice White Collar Crime France ».



THE LEGAL 500 Paris 2012/2013 Edition


LEGAL 500 recommends Kiejman & Marembert for conflict resolution : “Kiejman & Marembert represents large corporations in shareholder, financial, and environmental disputes, distribution rights, as well as in media-related litigation. Georges Kiejman and Thierry Marembert are leading attorneys at the Paris Bar.”



THE LEGAL 500 US 2011 Edition


« Kiejman & Marembert are listed as a second-tier firm in white collar crime ».

LES ECHOS Newspaper, April 14, 2011

Business lawyers: 2011 “Best Lawyers” ranking

Our firm was listed in the French edition of the U.S. law journal “Best Lawyers” which lists the best business law practitioners.


 N° 100. Small Is Beautiful.

“From Culture to Outstanding Achievement” 2006 Edition


« DFSD: The two of you were admitted to the Paris Bar in 1953 and 1994, and each followed different career paths. What led you to become partners?


   Georges Kiejman (GK) : When I began, there were only 2000 lawyers in Paris. It felt like one big family. Lawyers had to handle all sorts of cases, which made for good experience. I really became well known when I took part in a TV show in which two lawyers would debate each other. They put me up against René Floriot, who was the most famous lawyer at the time. I also represented the United States in a case against the leader of a terrorist network. Furthermore, I have always been interested in art and culture, which has brought me solid friendships as well as high-profile cases. Later on, I held several government appointments before I returned to my practice. I established a partnership with Thierry Marembert for two reasons. He attended the Ecole Normale Supérieure, which meant that he had not only gone to law school. And he had spent five years working for Linklaters, a major law firm. In addition, we were both extremely interested in art, but we didn’t want to shut ourselves into an ivory tower. We believed that a love for culture and the arts could be an asset in the business world.


   Thierry Marembert (TM) : I took the bar fairly late in my career, after graduating from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Sciences Po, and even working briefly in politics. I wanted to work in a profession that would be open to the world, and this led me to work for an English-speaking law firm, Linklaters, where I thoroughly enjoyed the level of intellectual demand, the team work, and the international atmosphere. After a few years, I joined Georges Kiejman in order to follow my dream: to become a barrister. We hit it off right away and became partners in 2000.


« DSFD: You are one of the leading law firms in white-collar defense. What core values and beliefs drive your firm ?


     G.K. : We are not a huge operation, unlike some of our colleagues. Our ten-member team is enough. We all have different profiles, and everyone participates in the cases. Besides, we only take on a case when we feel that we can contribute something special to it and we feel that we have a real rapport with our client.  Without this mutual trust, it’s impossible to work effectively. We are united and mutually supportive, and we love playing a role in the world today. In other words, for us, legal work is an art.


     T.M. : We both share the same passion for excellence. We would not be doing this job if we didn’t want to handle high-profile cases and win. What is exciting about this job is the challenge, the desire to move mountains - at least to try. Excellence means absolute rigor in analyzing and writing about each case. It also means cultivating ties with law firms abroad in order to effectively deal with transnational cases - insider trading, money laundering, reinsurance, even - in which we must think both as French lawyers in order to be understood by our judges, and in the language and culture of our European and American clients and colleagues. We also share the same belief that culture is a major asset in litigation. Justice is more than what is learned in law school: it is a quest for what is just and fair, involving human beings made of flesh and blood. It is necessary to consider the psychological element, how judges approach a case, what their cultural perspective is. Aiming for excellence, keeping an open mind, paying attention to human psychology: those are the key factors in our view. We like to think that that is the reason why we have earned the respect of our colleagues and many judges, far beyond whatever the image of our firm - however exaggerated-  may be in the media. 


« DFSD: How do you feel about the decriminalization of business life ?


     G.K. : It is necessary for the criminal justice system to re-focus on the offenses that arise from dishonesty in the most ordinary sense of the word. Whatever the criminal matter may be, it is important for a judge to understand why a company executive may have been led to make a decision. Here again, cases that are often complex and hard to grasp for people who are not familiar with corporate life, have to be made simple, concrete and human. That is our objective.”



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